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The definition of Gratitude is: The quality of being thankful; Readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Through this journey I have come to the realization and understanding that no one does it alone. Once we enter this world it’s truly All Hands on Deck!!! This page is to honor and recognize all those who have not only helped me on this journey, but are integral to my life. Their contributions whether large or small have made an impact, which in my eyes are definitely the same... because the results don’t lie... from a simple smile, a shoulder to cry on, to my family and medical team, or my community rallying around me, the Gratitude I feel creates a ripple effect that we share throughout our entire existence.

A dear friend shared this poem with me as well as helped me design and layout this website. Her name is Jaime Brooks. She is just one of many who helped bring this site to life... and for her contributions to The Team, I will be forever Grateful…



By Danielle Doby

When you create a difference

In someone’s life

You not only impact their life

You impact everyone influenced by them

Throughout their entire lifetime


No act is ever too small


One by one

This is how to make an ocean rise


The Team that helped me create this website are all extraordinary beings and have their own incredible story. They have been on this journey with me for many many years, from my businesses (Yin Yang Cafe’ and Kaya Club and Bistro), to my foray into Voice Overs and Commercial Acting and everything in between. We are Friends, We are Family, and They all are mentors and teachers, who have played a major role in my life...