About This Podcast & How It Came To Be:

Photo by Jon Waits - Atlanta, GA

Every day for years I put out a positive message through my Facebook account. It was a way for me to reflect on how my morning started just in case my day went in the wrong direction. It was my way to recalibrate. We all need reminders to help us stay on track; mine just happened to be to myself in real time. I didn’t know how crucial this practice would be until I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma Cancer, which is a blood cancer similar to Leukemia. My diagnosis four years ago would soon be realized by me, to be My Blessing!!!

I had been told for years that I should start a Podcast. Since I was homebound, I dabbled with trying to pull it together, but the timing was not quite right. It would take a chance meeting with an old acquaintance through a mutual friend to get the ball rolling that would help me to share my story. I’m a storyteller at heart, and with that I’m about turning a negative situation into a positive. So buckle up and get ready for me to flip the switch Spiritually, Mentally and Physically through Storytelling and Casual Conversations about Cancer, Current Events, Travel and the Power of Joy!!! Welcome to “Spread Joy” the Podcast!!! Where Truth is Stranger than Fiction!!!

After my diagnosis with Multiple Myeloma Cancer, it would not take me long to realize that in reality I had been Blessed with this “Dis~Ease” so that I could Stop, Focus and Listen to what I needed in order to live My Best Life!!! I came to the realization that I was sick in part, due to the fact that I had given All of Myself Away or as I prefer to say, All of My Joy Away!!! I have lived an extraordinary Life filled with travel, successful businesses, and personal growth which were all based in Love & Joy. I let nothing hold me back, but it would take this moment in my life to understand that in order to “Spread Joy” we must first learn to “Be Joy” and recognize that none of this works without the other... We are All important in the Grand Scheme of Things. Every whistle of the wind to every breath of every living creature is equal for Our Collective Survival... So here I am in the year 2020 ready to open up and share the details of my being a survivor in more ways than one... Buckle Up, because this ride is Bigger and Scarier than I could have ever anticipated, but in a Good Way!!!